JSConf #1

How it was in 2021

About the conference

  • JS Conference by Dev.Pro is a high standard online event in which speakers from all over the world share their knowledge with the JS community. All lectures, workshops and discussion panels cover several frameworks at once.
  • We not only strive to promote professional development among participants but also offer them a safe and friendly environment. Both speakers and participants adhere to our code of conduct that helps us reach this goal. Diverse and meaningful experience, education and networking, cool opportunities and inspiration: we try to combine all these in our event and share it with the audience. We believe that knowledge has no limits.
  • 12 speeches, 2 workshops
  • European, USA, Canadian, Australian, Ukrainian speakers

Our Speakers

Alina Loi
Software Engineer Senior at Dev.Pro
Mongo tickets and what you should know before you face an outage
Andrey Kucherenko
Chief Software Engineer at EPAM
Architecture and Front-End
Nikita Galkin
System Architect, Cloud Engineer, Independent Contractor
Node.js Recipes: The Road to production
Helen Zhukova
Frontend developer, team lead at Wix.com
Stunning Performance Workshop
Minko Gechev
Head of developer relations for Angular at Google
Tools for Fast Angular Applications
Lucas Santos
Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
The dark side of JavaScript, native things you didn’t know JS had
Hannes Obweger
Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Fine Software
Frontend Engineering at a Scale, or What we Can Learn from Farming in 1833
Denys Derkach
Software Engineer Senior at Dev.Pro
Balance between quality and time spent during the development
Yonathan Kra
Software Architect at Vonage
Design Patterns Optimization — from Games to the Web
Sergii Sinienok
Head of Delivery Practices at Dev.Pro
GDPR/CCPA: Handling Sensitive Data in Cloud-Native Applications
Timur Shemsedinov
CTO at Salucyber
Node.js Recipes: The Road to production
Andrei Pfeiffer
Code Designer & Co-Organizer of revo.js
Simple vs. Easy
Ramón Huidobro
Developer Advocate at CodeSee, Software Development Contractor
Let’s build a point of sale system, with a Vue or two!

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    Sofiia Lysenko
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